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Services Offered

  • Cargo Surveys

    Pre loading Condition Surveys

    Loading/Discharging Inspections

    Liquid/Gas Ullage Surveys

    Break Bulk Condition & tally survey

    Container Survey

    Draft Survey

    Cargo Loss and Damage investigation

    Bunker Measurement

    Vehicle inspections

    Lashing / Securing

  • On/Off Hire Surveys

    This inspection may include complete hull and machinery inspection, inspection of validity of certificates and cargo gear, condition of holds/tanks, determination of bunker quantity and stores and inspection navigational equipment.

  • Project Cargo Warranty Survey

    On behalf of major cargo underwriters we undertake project and oversize cargoes warranty survey upon discharging at port. Furthermore, we provide our route review services for oversize cargoes of mining projects till they arrive to their door deliveries at the mine site.

  • Hull and Machinery Condition Survey

    This survey comprises assessment of the condition of a vessel’s Hull and machinery as per the instructing H&M insurer or P&I club’s checklist.

  • Marine Casualty Investigation

    This is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommended repairs, estimate repair cost and if requested, the probable cause.

  • Claims Handling and Adjusting

    We attend to claims involving the majority of marine cargoes, including shortages, damages to cargo, damages to property and personal injuries and fatality incidents.

  • Recoveries

    An appropriately qualified Lawyer at our head office, in Asmara, handles marine recovery claims. We act as Recovery Agents for most of the international marine insurance companies and institutes. We aim to achieve satisfactory settlements, quickly and cost effectively, in as short a time as practicable without having to resort to lengthy and expensive litigation.

  • Clearing Forwarding and Logistics Management

    We offer our clients a door to door solution advices starting from logistics planning, clearing/forwarding and inland transport procurement.