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Cargo Survey

Cargo Survey

Pre loading Condition Surveys

During a Pre-loading survey our surveyor will inspect the condition of the cargo and advise the Master if remarks are to be made on the relevant cargo documents.

Loading/Discharging Inspections

During a Loading/Discharging survey our surveyor will inspect the condition of the cargo and inform the Receiver about the current condition of the cargo.

Liquid/Gas Ullage Surveys

During Discharging survey our surveyor will undertake ullage surveys and ascertain quantity of cargo onboard.

Break Bulk Condition & Tally Survey

During Discharging survey our surveyor will inspect initial condition of stow and our tally men continuously undertake tally of cargo discharged.

Container Survey

Our surveyors will ascertain sea-worthiness of containers and/or CLC survey as per the Container Loading Convention.

Draft Survey

Our surveyors will undertake draft survey and determine quantity of bulk cargo loaded/discharged.

Cargo Loss and Damage Investigation

Our surveyors investigate the nature, extent and cause of damage to cargo and thereby recommend methods of damage limitation.

Bunker Measurement

Our surveyors undertake ullage/sounding and determine quantity of bunker onboard for on/off hire surveys.

Vehicle Inspections

During Discharge surveys our surveyors check condition of vehicles discharged.

Lashing / Securing

During the lashing inspection the surveyor checks and approves if the cargo is properly lashed.

On/Off Hire Surveys

This inspection may include complete hull and machinery inspection, inspection of validity of certificates and cargo gear, condition of holds/tanks, determination of bunker quantity and stores and inspection navigational equipment.

Project Cargo Warranty Survey

On behalf of major cargo underwriters we undertake project and oversize cargoes warranty survey upon discharging at port. Furthermore, we provide our route review services for oversize cargos of mining projects till they arrive to their door deliveries at the mine site.

Hull and Machinery Condition Survey

Our surveyors have required skills and experience to make a full inspection of the hull, machinery and equipment of the vessel .This survey comprises assessment of the condition of a vessel's Hull and machinery as per the instructing H&M insurer or P&I club’s checklist or for the purpose of pre-purchase.